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Mel's Story

(Combination of Video and Still Images)

Why raise money for Akron Burn Unit?

Mel’s own words:

"While on vacation in August 2011, I had a cooking accident, spilling 4 quarts of boiling water onto my lap.
I sustained 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree burns from my chest to my knees; 22% of my body.

The first hospital I was taken to was not equipped to deal with the extensiveness of my injuries, and I was
given two options: Columbus or Akron. I chose Akron because it’s closer to home. Akron Regional Burn Center
is part of Akron’s Children’s Hospital. They provide amazing care to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

My 18-day stay exposed me to the most wonderful, caring staff. Through surgery to post recovery, physical
therapy and home care, everyone involved was simply amazing.

Getting a burn patient through those first days of intense pain is a remarkable feat. Between the bathing tubs
and tweezers, screaming is a necessity just to get through. Day in and day out the nursing staff handles you with
love and gentleness. The initial pain you feel after you have healed enough to start moving is relieved by the
stretching physical therapy that gently pushes you through.

The pastoral and nursing staff help you deal with your new physicality. I cherish a necklace made by Miss Donna,
my night time nurse, “To give you power while you heal”.

This is why I race! To help these people who help so many! Join Team Mel and support the Akron Burn Center!

Team Mel came about after an accident in August 2011 After spending 18days in Akron
burn center. Mel noticed a need. So her hope this upcoming racing season is to raise
money and awareness.
Celeste's words - Mel is a close friend of mine and has inspired me and many
others to look up & look ahead. When life kicks you down to pick up and keep going.
Good Luck Mel :)
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